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Icustommadeit operates as an online marketplace, which means that it is a web platform that connects buyers and professional creators of one-of-a-kind products from around the country. Buyers connect with specialized Creators by submitting a description or photo of what they want to customize for themselves. Creators who are interested in executing the custom project get in touch with the buyer with costs, ideas and send out their proposals to start the project. Buyers can also submit a request to customize a Creator's stock product or simply purchase a stock product as is.

'icustommadeit' helps creators showcase their skills and expertise to a vast audience on the web. There are a range of subscription plans that come with various benefits for every creator who signs up on 'icustommadeit'.

We thank you for your interest to become an 'icustommadeit' creator!

STEP 1 - Click on the 'Login' tab on icustommadeit Home Page and switch to the 'Signup' tab on the top of the pop-up window that appears.

STEP 2 - Fill out all the required information fields and make sure to check the 'As Creator' box. Click on 'Signup'.

STEP 3 - Complete a quick email verification process. Click the 'Activate your account' link sent to you on your registered email address in order to complete the process.

It is essential to complete your profile as a creator on 'icustommadeit'. Take a few minutes to provide the required information about yourself and your business.

STEP 1 - Login to your account and go to the Profile page in your creator account.

STEP 2 - Fill out all the required fields under the Name and Address tab, including your shipping and return policies.

STEP 3 - The next tab requires a profile photo for your icustommadeit account as a creator. This is an important step to establish your profile and aid quick brand recall for your buyers. Use a clear and well lit picture that could be your registered logo or any creative primarily associated with your brand. 

STEP 4 - Bank details & PAN card number (along with necessary Vat/Tin/Tan numbers). These details are not only crucial to update in your creator account, it is also required to support them with the required KYC documents for your payments to get processed and transferred, as mentioned in this document earlier.

STEP 5 - The next tab asks you to check and select the product categories that apply to you as a creator. You may select as many of them as you want if you are able to service project requests pertaining to them.

STEP 6 - Lastly in the final tab, select the means (Email and/or SMS) via which you would like to receive your account notifications such as new custom project requests, messages received from buyers and all other such notifications. These communications will be sent to your registered email id and contact number. Please note that if you uncheck these options, you would have to log in to your icustommadeit account in order to check for any updates that you may have received.

STEP 1 - In your creator account, click on "Add Product" that appears on the left of the page. This will lead you to the requisite page.

STEP 2 - Under the 'General' tab, provide all the required information fields about each individual product that you upload like Name, Category, Product Description, Type, Price, Status, Shipping time etc. To help you understand the information required, we have included explanatory info-tips under each of these headers.

STEP 3 - Once you have entered the text fields under 'General' tab, switch over to the 'Images' tab and upload the product pictures. Ideally, you should upload four to five images that are well-lit, in-focus and clicked at different angles to clearly depict every aspect of your product. This will ensure clarity for your customers to make an informed purchase.

STEP 4 - Click the 'Save' button that appears on the top of the page. Your product will now appear under your product portfolio as well as under the product category/sub-category that you have saved it under. You can also alter the details of your product anytime later.

Note - We recommend that you expand your portfolio. Upload maximum product photos and provide detailed descriptions to showcase your style and expertise. A portfolio exhibits your best work. Build an impressive portfolio to showcase your craftsmanship and work, and gain visibility through 'icustommadeit'. We share your zeal for customized work and our support team will always be ready to answer your questions and help you succeed. 

Price is a fundamental aspect for every product that you upload on your profile. The price quoted should be all inclusive of all applicable and relevant taxes, shipping and handling charges. If the buyer wants to buy your product from the gallery, they can add the product to their cart and pay for the product. 

If the buyers want to customize a product or order a custom-made product from you, they will send you a 'Special Invite' for that. You may also receive 'General Requests' that buyers raise for a product in your category. The final price (inclusive of shipping & taxes) is decided once you and the buyer agree on the timeframe and design specifications.

Every customized option displayed in your portfolio must carry an appropriate respective price tag with it. This enables the buyers to see and choose from the various product options that you offer. The difference in cost with each option will also ensure that you get an accurate price for your work as well as the product. This also ensures that the buyer gets to see a range of designs of your product at their true prices.

It is important to note here that every customizable variation of a product should be incremental in value and hence, price. This means that the main or actual product that you upload should be of the base value/price.

If you are a creator who has accidentally signed up as a Buyer while creating an account, don't worry! icustommadeit allows you to operate a creator as well as buyer account with the same email id. Here are the steps you need to take -

STEP 1 - Log in to your account (as a buyer)

STEP 2 - Go to the icustommadeit.comHome Page

STEP 3 - Scroll down to the footer area

STEP 4 - Click on 'Be A Creator'

STEP 6 - You will be directed to a page that lists the Free Subscription features we offer to all our creators. Click on 'Continue' to confirm and you're good to go!

You can sign up with one email id as both a buyer and a creator.

When you sign up as a Creator, you automatically get access to Buyer privileges on icustommadeit, that is to say that you can purchase and raise custom requests from other creators on icustommadeit.

However, when you sign up as a Buyer you do not automatically get a creator account. In order to attain access as a Creator as well, please follow the steps given in Q.7 above.

A profile photo is highly recommended in order to have a complete and identifiable creator profile. 

STEP 1 - Login to your creator account on icustommadeit.com

STEP 2 - Under 'Profile', select 'Profile Picture' tab.

STEP 3 - Click on 'Select Image' to browse and select the image that you want to upload as your profile picture.

STEP 4 - Click 'Save'.

You have successfully uploaded your profile picture.

No, it is not necessary to keep your own picture as your profile picture. Add an image that best represents your work! You can also upload a picture of your studio, your products, or your company logo/ Brand name.

Your product reflects your professional work. It is essential that you showcase your work accurately. Exhibit your creativity and skill by sharing significant examples of your work. This will make your profile highly visible.

Buyers like to see samples of your work before sending you custom project requests. The best way to do that is by adding correct photos of your work. We present you with some tips that you can follow while uploading pictures in your profile. 

TIP 1 : Always add photos with clarity. They should be clear, in-focus and without any blurred effect. Use photos to depict variations in your product.

TIP 2 : You may want to include product pictures with different colours, materials and visual designs. These variations will help the buyers decide the product that they would want. 

For instance, you are setting up a profile which lists jewellery especially necklaces. You should include photos that show variations of the necklace (e.g. different materials used, different beads options, different designs touches like etching or painting patterns). 

TIP 3: As a creator, include multiple angled photos that will highlight the different features and stress on the various components of the same product. Always use photos that show altered sides of the same product; a close vs. far away kind of effect. It is important to take the responsibility for the accuracy of your customized product. 

In case you don't have a photo of your customized product, you can always add and upload other samples to explain your work to the customer. For instance, you can create customized furnishings using teak wood but your photos might show completed versions in vinyl and plywood.

Once you have registered/signed up as a creator, you can immediately start building your profile and adding products to your portfolio. It is a functional way to list, manage and edit product listings in your profile.

STEP 1 - Login to your account and go to the dashboard

STEP 2 - Under "Creator" tab, select the "View Products" option

STEP 3 - You will land at the product listings that you can now edit and manage

STEP 4 - Search for your required product by clicking the "Find Records" icon on the bottom left of the product listings. You can also increase the number of records you see per page from 10 to 80

STEP 5 - Choose and execute your required action(s) -
Edit Product - Make changes to or update an existing product in your portfolio
View Product -
View a particular product as it appears to the outside users
Enable/Disable Product - Uncheck this option to disable an existing product eg. When it goes out of production
Stock Quantity - Enter and save the stock quantity for the particular product

Please check your spam or junk mail folder. Our confirmation email might have ended up there. To prevent emails from 'icustommadeit.com' being filtered out or reaching your junk folder, add our email id's ([email protected] & [email protected]) to your address book.

As a Creator you can communicate with your buyers through the Instant Messaging System provided in your profile, under 'Projects'. Your messages should be clear, honest and professional. We present before you some tips that can be helpful for ideal correspondence

Tip 1 : Always be concise while sending a project proposal and write brief messages. Although there is no harm in creating a personal bond with buyers, you can avoid writing lengthy messages to convey information clearly. As it is, most of the buyers examine your portfolio. Thus, maintain a detailed and updated product portfolio and let your work speak for itself. 

Tip 2 : The best way to get clarifications about a customized product is to ask questions. Enquiring about the product requirements indicates that you are keen in learning more about the buyer and their idea. You have to make sure that you get all the correct details. Ask and learn!

Tip 3 : It is crucial that you showcase your work correctly. Demonstrate your work and qualifications by sharing significant examples of your work through pictures, descriptions and samples. Once you start working on a project for a buyer, keep them updated of its development by sharing images at every step.

Tip 4 : Guide the buyers. Many of them would be buying a customized product for the first time. Buyers need to be guided so that they can clearly express their creative vision to you and also understand the project-budget.

Tip 5 : As a creator, be honest about all the costs associated with a project. Explain the process and other variables included such as material requirements and shipments as they play an essential role in production process.

A buyer can contact you either directly (Special Invite) or indirectly (General Request) for a custom project. Every time a buyer raises a request or send a message relevant to you, you will receive a notification in three ways - (a) in your icustommadeit Creator account with the help of Instant Messaging System therein (b) email in your registered email id (c) SMS on your registered mobile number

When a buyer likes the creations in your portfolio or wants to get one of your stock products customized per their requirements, they can send a 'Special Invite' to you. You will be able to see the invite in your 'Projects' tab. You may accept, decline and/or reply to the buyer with a proposal, highlighting the details of executing the custom project.

General Request is a wider spectrum of invites. If the buyer raises a 'General Request' for a custom project, every creator in that product's category will receive the invite. You may accept, decline and/or reply to the buyer with a proposal, highlighting the details of executing the custom project.

Special Invite and General Request updates will be visible under 'Projects' section in your creator account. All the project requirements will be mentioned in this section. The buyer can also describe the project with a photo if they need a specific kind of product. The request date will also be mentioned. If your proposal is accepted by the buyer, the buyer will continue to communicate with you through the Instant Messaging System.

As a creator, you will only be able to view the special invites that a buyer sends to you & general requests that fall in the product categories of your expertise. Based on the requests, you can send proposals for the projects you wish to pursue. The final say on the proposal and who it goes to lies with the buyer.

When you receive a custom request, you may respond to it in one of the three ways - (a) accept the request at its given budget and requirements (b) decline the request and not pursue it any further (c) reply to the buyer via the Instant Messaging System requesting more information or sending a Project Proposal.

These options will be available and clearly mentioned in your email notification regarding a custom request as well as in the Instant Messaging System under 'Projects'. Follow the below steps in order to send a project proposal through your creator account on icustommadeit portal.

STEP 1: Log in to your creator account

STEP 2: Click on 'Projects' tab

STEP 3: Select the name of the Project for which you want to send a Proposal to the buyer. On the resulting page/ message board, click on the 'Request Box' to view the custom request details

STEP 4: To send a proposal, select 'Create Proposal'. A pop-up window will open in which you can fill in all the details regarding your proposal, like size, material, price, shipping and other details. You can also attach a reference picture to send to the buyer

STEP 5: Click on 'Send Proposal'. Your project proposal will be successfully sent to the buyer. You can alternatively select 'Cancel and Close' to discard and abort action

As a creator, examine a request appropriately before accepting it and/or sending a proposal for it to the buyer. Once you accept any request from a buyer or the buyer accepts your proposal, all further communication is done through the Instant Messaging System/Board on the portal.

Before accepting a custom project invite/request, ensure that you have understood the buyer's requirements. You can ask for clarifications by sending the buyer a message.

You can only withdraw a proposal if it has not yet been accepted by the buyer. You can do so by cancelling the said proposal. However if your proposal has already been accepted, you cannot cancel or change it. Any changes including edits or a withdrawal, would have to be communicated through a message on the board.

You can send as many proposals as you need, until the buyer accepts one of the proposals.

Once the buyer accepts your proposal, you will not be able to send them any more proposals for that particular project.

However, in case the buyer ends up rejecting a previously accepted proposal, you may send them more proposals until they accept one.

Note: in case of bikes and cars customization, the creator may send as many proposals for a single project, even after the buyer has accepted a proposal.

An email alert of a new request is good news. It can be converted into a project only after the buyer accepts your proposal. We offer you some tips that could be of immense help.

TIP 1 : Reply to the new request within 24 hours of receiving it. The faster your response, the faster your proposal gets concluded.

TIP 2: Display good quality, focused and well-lit pictures of your products in your profile. Buyers make their decision to award projects based on the creators' products/work.

TIP 3: Include maximum information in your project proposal, especially timeline, materials, costs and anything specific pertaining to the buyer's custom request.

TIP 4: Be honest and transparent about what you can and cannot execute in a project. It will eventually reflect badly on your part if your're unable to deliver on what you proposed.

TIP 5: Maintain a constant and open dialogue with the buyer until your proposal gets accepted. Answer their queries patiently and clearly while addressing their concerns, if any.

As a creator, once you complete a project as per the buyer's specifications and final approval, you will ship the product. 

After dispatching the shipment, it is highly important that you update the Order History in your 'icustommadeit' account by entering the Tracking Details of the shipment

This will help your buyer stay assured that their order is on its way and they can track its Expected Time of Arrival. This will also assist the sales team at icustommadeit to release your final fees on time.

Yes, the creator retains the ownership of the design. The buyer gains ownership of the product. The creator retains the right to sell similar products to others. However, we discourage selling exact replicas as buyers pay a premium cost for their custom made projects. 

If a buyer and creator agree to a different arrangement regarding ownership, it is advisable to go in for legal counsel to avoid conflicts.

Reviews on icustommadeit website are publically shared feedback on creators by buyers. Buyers can rate a creator's work on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and write a short review based on their experience of working with a particular creator.

The buyer will typically base their opinions on the following criteria: 

Expertise : Expertise includes the know-how and skills of the creator. Did the creator deliver a superior and well-crafted product? Was he/she able to incorporate buyer's requirements into the project?

Professionalism : Did the Creator behave in courteous fashion? Was he/she ready to listen to ideas and offer suggestions during the customization process? Did the Creator deliver the complete order within stipulated time? 

Quality : Did the entire project expenditure and completion time align with the quality of the completed item? Did the Creator ship the finished product with care and was the packaging appropriate for the item?

Reviews help buyers to make purchase decisions from new creators.

Once you sign up as a creator on icustommadeit,

  1. Login to access your Creator profile on icustommadeit.com
  2. You can see your profile photo, name, address, contact number and email id on the left hand side of the page. You can also edit this information, by clicking on the edit button. 
  3. Profile : Profile tab includes your personal, business and bank account details. This section deals with you and your professional expertise, your inspiration and accomplishments. 
  4. Portfolio :  Portfolio tab includes your work. It will consist of the photos along with the description and price. You can add a category to your photo and list photos under a particular category. You can add maximum 6 images.

    There is an "Add new project" tab in the top right side. You can upload the product photo; add category, description, dimensions and price to it.

  5. New Requests : The new request tab will include General requests and Special invites sent by the buyer to you. This will let you know when a buyer has requested a bidding proposal from you. 
  6. Current Projects : This sections includes the details of your current projects i.e. projects you are working on. The details include photographs, milestones, description and dates. The IMB (Instant Messaging Box) is where you connect with the buyer. It is mandatory that all communications between the buyer and the creator is done through the IMB. Any kind of communication beyond this platform or outside icustommadeit will violate the creator's agreement and can be subjected to jurisdiction. 
  7. Order History : Order History includes the Current Projects and Completed Projects.
    Current projects will deal with all the on-going projects that you are handling and dealing with. Completed projects are the ones that have been completed and delivered to the buyers. 
  8. Help : The end of the page will have the HELP and other quick links where you can get in touch with the Creator Connect Team. 
    Have more questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Please wait until the buyer has funded their custom request order and don't begin work on the physical product until the project is funded.

Icustommadeit promotes the Creator to communicate with Buyers via Instant Messaging System on the portal whenever required. That way we create a customized designing experience by knowing what you and the buyer have thought and settled to. We do realize that sometimes it is easier to explain an intricate idea over a call rather than in a written message to the buyer. 

If the project demands a phone conversation or video chat, the buyer can send a follow-up message to you using Instant Messaging Box at icustommadeit. It is essential to bring out the important details of the conversation in the message so that we have a written record of what was agreed upon. This will help our Team to review the discussion between you and your buyer and a quick fix for any disagreement or issue can be given when required. Encouraging you to communicate on Instant Messaging Box at icustommadeit is significant in keeping our exclusive platform working for the benefit for the buyers and creators alike!

The creator decides the shipping policies for the project. In general, the buyers want the completed products as fast as possible. So, the faster you get the products shipped, the more satisfied your buyers will be. Please mention the time it would take you to ship/deliver an order under 'Shipping' tab in your profile. As a creator, you are responsible for shipping the finished product. 

Also, always notify your buyer and 'icustommadeit' when the product is shipped. You will provide the relevant tracking order details to the buyers, via the feature provided under your Order History page. You can also set up your shipping policy (which transport carrier to use, insurance policy etc.) for the projects according to the details provided by the buyer. 

As a creator, you can decide on three types of shipments: 

FREE SHIPPING : Offering free shipping for projects is a great way to attract more buyers. This will help you and you have the ability to set your own policy for shipments.

FLAT SHIPPING COST : If as a creator, you can charge a flat shipping rate to all buyers, i.e., same cost to all buyers for any kind of project/product. You can enter flat shipment costs for anywhere in India. If you specialize in more than one item, you can have a flat shipment cost for each added product that you have in your portfolio. As a creator, you can also decide on different flat shipment costs for different categories. The flat shipment cost (shipping + handling) should be added to your products/ projects.

SPECIFIC SHIPPING COST : You can add specific shipment costs for specific locations and exclusive projects. As a creator, you can calculate your shipping expenses and add it to your final product/ project price.
It is vital to incorporate the basic shipment charges while you send quotes for a project. This would be the regular shipment charges based on the product's average weight inside the boundaries of the country. You should explain this in your profile. Hence, the shipment policy in your profile must include the delivery services that you go for along with the additional expenses that might be incurred. If you want, you can also recommend or offer an insurance policy with the shipment.

As a creator, you should always set an approximate price (including the shipment price) in your product price listing. In some cases, if the buyer decides on a project that requires the shipment price to increase (for example one-day shipping), you can always fine-tune the shipment charges before you accept the project.

There are four ways in which you can estimate and decide on a shipping timeframe. 

  1. As the Creator of the item always provide a shipping estimate on the product page (e.g. 1-7 working days). You can also add 'Shipping Policy' on your profile page inclusive of your shipping policies, carriers and timelines. 
  2. Always communicate the estimated time range within which an item will ship
  3. When you ship an item, provide a tracking number in the Order History. The buyer will be able to keep a track of the order all the way through the delivery process. icustommadeit will also notify the buyer by email as and when the product is being dispatched from your end.
  4. If an item is not being shipped on time, you should send a follow-up message to the buyer via Instant Messaging System explaining the situation. 

Read the icustommadeit Legal Policy in its entirety. 

Success comes with Satisfaction! The customer service team at 'icustommadeit' takes extra effort to safeguard your project. In any kind of event where the buyer is unhappy with the finished product, 'icustommadeit' can step in and act as a mediator if the problem cannot be resolved on its own. The one condition here is that all communication between the buyer and creator must have taken place on Instant Messaging System. Any kind of communication beyond this platform or outside icustommadeit will violate the creator's agreement and can be subjected to jurisdiction. 

This will help 'icustommadeit' customer service team to review the discussion between the buyer and the creator, and help you come up with a solution for your dispute. 

If there are any other kind of difference of opinion with the buyer, you can also email our Customer Support Team.

Read the icustommadeit Legal in its entirety. Disputes may generally arise due to miscommunication between the buyers and creators. icustommadeit recommends some steps to avoid disputes: 

It is essential to maintain open communication and clear documentation through Instant Messaging System. 

Understand the expectations of the buyer and check in frequently with them through exchange of images and updates on custom project developments.

Discuss work agenda and payment terms before the project begins. Make sure to clearly state all assumptions for project requirements such as shipping details and payment schedule.

Please don't begin work on the physical custom product until the project has been funded by the buyer.

As a Creator on 'icustommadeit', you have the ability to set your own policy for refunds and exchanges. You can list down the details on your profile pages and the buyer will be able to view it. We expect the buyer to read your 'Shipping and Return Policy' before starting the project. 

If the buyer is not 100% satisfied with what they've received, they will first contact YOU via the Instant Messaging System. In most cases, you should be able to resolve the problem for them. If you're still having problems, please call or email us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.

Joining and signing up as seller/creator on icustommadeit.com is completely free of charge. As a creator, you can maintain a seller profile and add products to your portfolio, which will then be visible to all our visitors.

We believe in promoting talented artisans and makers of unique, customized products to bring their creations to our large audience of discerning buyers.

Do get in touch with our support team in case you need any help while signing up.

Online transactions on icustommadeit are made secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. All credit card and debit card payments on icustommadeit are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. Banks now use the 3D secure password service for online transactions, providing an additional layer of security through identity verification.

'icustommadeit.com' is an exclusive platform and there are no charges to create a portfolio. 

'icustommadeit.com' deducts a service fee (average of 18%) from all products and projects sold by the creators through the portal.

This is the only cost of using 'icustommadeit.com'.

All custom projects need to be funded (paid for by the buyer) before a creator begins working on the physical product as approved by the buyer. 'icustommadeit' holds this payment for the creator until the custom project is successfully completed and delivered to the buyer, upon which the payment is released to the creator.

After the project is completed, as a creator you will share the pictures of the final product. Once it is approved by the buyer, you will ship the product. 

Once the shipment is done, it is very important that you enter the shipment tracking details in your Order History. It is a vital part of the whole process and filling up the order history confirms that the shipping has been done.

As a creator you need to specify your own return policy on your creator profile.

But in case for any reason the buyer is not 100% satisfied with a stock product that he/she purchased from icustommadeit, then the buyer may return the order in full and in its original packaging for replacement within 7 days after they receive your order. This only applies to all the regularly priced products featured in your portfolio gallery and does not apply to any custom-made or special order products. 

As a creator, ensure that all the custom-made orders are reviewed and approved by the buyer at every stage of development. This will inform the buyer about what their final product will look like. As a creator, you will not start the manufacturing process until the buyer is 100% satisfied with the design and details of your order and have sent an approval for the same as well as funded the project.

If during shipment, the product gets damaged or flawed, then you should fix the damages or defects caused in the custom-made product. As a creator, it is essential that you offer fast, reliable and professional shipments within India. Still, if the final product delivered is damaged, then as the concerned Creator of the product, you will have to mend and replace the damages. It is advised that you insure all your order shipments against damages and loss.

If a buyer however, seeks to initiate a Return, he/she should first send a message directly to you via Instant Messaging System. As a creator, you can then work on it and make it as the buyer wanted it. Only you can authorize the acceptance of returned products depending on your returns policy

In the rare instance, if you and the buyer are unable to come up with a solution, send a message to our Customer Support Team detailing the issues with the final delivered product. We will reach out to you quickly and fix the issue.

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an exclusive alpha-numeric code assigned by the Reserve Bank of India to recognize various bank branches in India. To make monetary transactions flexible and possible all over the country, an eleven digit code is used for all kinds of banking transaction done within the country. The IFSC code varies from bank to bank. It permits you to operate your bank account from anywhere to transfer online funds. It is used by the electronic payment system applications like NEFT, CFMS and Real Time Gross Settlement.

The first four characters of IFSC code stands for the bank code while the last six characters is used to identify the bank branch. The fifth character, which is a zero, is used as control character. An example of the IFSC code for HDFC bank is HDFC0001206.

As a creator, you will receive the money in your bank accounts through the IFSC code and account number provided by you. IFSC codes for all banks are accessible on the RBI website. The code is printed on all the NEFT enabled bank's cheque books.

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code is a recognition code for all the officially authorized banks in the world. It is essential for all kinds of International Wire Transfers. It is like an internationally accepted identification code for banks around the world. SWIFT codes comprises of 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters. The International Organization of Standardization (IOS) was the authoritative body that agreed on the formation of SWIFT codes.

In case of a stock product purchase refund, please refer the following scenarios -

Product is not in stock & creator can't deliver the order - The order amount is to be refunded in full by the creator. Please note you will be charged a 2.5% service fee on the order amount as the payment gateway charges.

Order delivered to the buyer but buyer is not happy with the product and the creator is unable to replace the order - The order amount is to be refunded in full by the creator. Please note you will be charged a 2.5% service fee on the order amount as the payment gateway charges.

Order delivered but the buyer is not happy with the product & doesn't want a replacement - The order amount is to be refunded in full by the creator. In this case the buyer bears the 2.5% fees charged by the payment gateway.

In case of a Custom Project refund, please be advised as below -

If the creator, after confirming the order, is unable to deliver it in stipulated time or can't ship the product for any other reason - The order amount is to be refunded in full by the creator. Order delivered to the buyer but buyer is not happy with the product and the creator is unable to replace the order - The order amount is to be refunded in full by the creator. Please note : in above scenarios, creator will be charged an 18% icustommadeit service fee on the cancelled order amount. Creator is liable to pay this amount to icustommadeit.

Order delivered but the buyer is not happy with the product & doesn't want a replacement - The order amount is to be refunded in full by the creator. In this case, icustommadeit will forfeit its service fee of 18% on the cancelled order amount. Buyer is liable to pay this amount to icustommadeit.

In the rare instance, if you and the buyer are not in agreement, send a message to our Customer Support Team detailing the issues with the final delivered product. We will reach out to you quickly and fix the issue.

During the payment process you will be redirected to the payment gateway website. When the transaction is done, you will be brought back to the "icustommadeit.com" portal. Your subscriptions details will be automatically updated to your profile. 

Please remember, never press the browser back or refresh button while the transaction is still being processed.