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Why pick just one when you can create the whole ensemble? Pick these too.

Design Your Jeans

A made-to-order piece of garment is really special. Not only it's tailored to your exact
requirements, no one else in the world owns anything like it, except YOU!
We understand your love for jeans. We also know that to find the perfect pair that is
exactly to your liking is not an easy task.
With cutting edge manufacturing technology, extensive design research and the science
of body-fit measurements, we create a pair of jeans that's the most perfect pair you'll
ever own and wear. Made with the finest fabrics and trims, each pair is personalized
with your choice of threads, buttons, rivets, monogramming, designs and of course, fit.
Quality Guarantee
We use the best 3x1, 4x1 denims from the best mills across the world. Our finishing and
treatments are proprietary with partnerships with Italian and English firms to give each
jeans that perfect feel. Our quality control is extremely tight with more than 50
parameters to check. Each piece goes through this system and if it doesn't meet the
quality parameters, it is discarded.
Personalised Service
Bespoke is about many things, at the centre of which is the Fit. We create a flawless
personalised fit for you with the help of our precise manufacturing techniques.
We know you have a favourite fitting pair of jeans that you wear the most. Help us
create one just like it by matching your measurements exactly to it.Share your contact
details with us and we'll arrange a pick up. Of course, we'll send your old pair back to
you along with the new order shipment.
Our clients in Delhi NCR can request a personal visit at a nominal charge of INR 500. Our
stylist will visit you to take your measurements. Live chat with us or get in touch at
[email protected] or +91 8055905461.

Key Features

Made to Order: 100% Customised Jeans with Personalized Design & Fit
Fabrics & Trims: All our fabrics and materials are sourced from the finest textile mills of Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Japan and India
The Perfect Fit: We use precision manufacturing technology to give you that perfectly hugging pair that only gets better with time.
Styling Options: Latest trends in Europe, North America and Japan help us design a pair for you which is unique, contemporary and chic.

Product Details


Weight: 9.5 oz to 14 oz
Composition:100% cotton (Raw Denim), Cotton Lycra Blends
Weave: 3x1 Twill
Origin: Italy, Japan, Spain, Turkey, India, US & Brazil

Types of Denim-

Vintage: Heavy weight stretch and non-stretch denim which is lightly stone washed
Raw Denim: Sanforized Raw Heavy Denim
Washed: Specialy treatments done on denim with a combination of special tools, machinery
and handwork. All treatments have been created in Italy

Buttons & Rivets-

Premium Metal Rivets and Swivel Top Buttons
Light Antique Copper
Brushed Zinc
Silver Alloy
Brushed Anti Brass


100% cotton Twill Woven 40s double-ply or poplin.


Japanese YKK or American Ideal


Double Core Spun Less Pilling Threads

Every element of your Bespoke Jeans is special. Including the packaging. Your jeans are securely packed and shipped in personalised packaging that
arrives bearing your name. If your order is a gift for someone, please let us know their details.


Shipping in 14 days post receiving client measurements.


Since this is a bespoke pair of jeans, we will not be able to accept returns. If however the jeans don't fit as per your measurements, we'll re-work the fit to your satisfaction.